Transformation Network, LLC - Transform Yourself
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that Promote Health, Wealth and Knowledge of Self.
The Transformation Network, LLC ("TNLLC") is the brainchild of Dr. LaRhonda R. Owens.  This project was designed to provide cultural enlightenment and impart information.  Over the last ten years, Dr. Owens worked to establish an international "Communiversity" network of professionals to support the mission of the TNLLC.  
TNLLC addresses the needs of the entire family.  We utilize cultural awareness in accessing the best health, wellness and educational supports to assist you in achievement of your goals.  Specifically, the family must address health and wellness to ensure longevity and support the learning process.  Many families are experiencing financial hardship, students are disinterested in attending school, the high school drop-out rate is sky-rocketing, decline in the quality of public education, poor health conditions, community disintegration and fractured families. All of these concerns are destroying our families and ultimately our community.
Employing the "Communiversity" approach, TNLLC has sought premium products and services to address the issues that affect our Community.  We believe that through a critical, cultural analysis of health, wealth and knowledge of self; anyone can transform their life!
Welcome to the Transformation Network, where you can transform your life.